Hope Junior School
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   Orphans in Uganda

These children need you and many more

We are a Non-Profit Organization based here in Phoenix Arizona.
We started with 49 children, now we have 200 children including two handicapped, a girl 13 years old and a boy 8 years.
Our goal is to provide help to the disadvantaged children mostly the Orphans and the Needy Children here in Uganda. The areas of operation are Phoenix/Luwero. The objectives of the organization shall be:
(a) To provide help, protection, medical assistance, education, to orphans, needy or handicapped children of any race, nationality or creed.
(b) To promote discipline and obedience in the lives of children under God's love and principles.
(c) To provide a better solution and practical, loving help and counseling for the disadvantaged communities.
(d) To place abandoned, orphans, needy or handicapped into healthy, stable, religious homes for their protection and safety. To provide counseling and practical assistance whenever possible in an effort to see families fight poverty, access medical facilities, healed and restored. To solicit for bursaries, scholarships and other educational funding for the orphans, needy or handicapped children.
(g) To establish a Christian Library for the children and communities.
(h) To support, co-ordinate and subscribe with any charitable organization or nongovernmental organizations, public body, institutions, society, club which may have the same objectives as hereinabove.
(i) To promote income generating activities to sustain the orphaned and disadvantaged children.
(j) To promote skills training like crafts making for those who are above school going age.
(k) Carrying out any other activities that are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the aforesaid objectives.

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