Olugendo lwa Nnamukristaayo

Omusajja Omukulu olwamuwa ebbaluwa
teyalwa n'asitula n'atandika olugendo lwe

Olugendo lw'Omutambuze Part Two, this book is telling a story about Nnamukristaayo the wife of Muristaayo you read about in the first books, when he left the city of Distruction without his wife or children. After sometime, Nnamukristaayo also decided to go on a Pilgrimage with her children and a friend called Kisa, it will take you step by step, showing the difficulties they met on the way, until they also came to the door of the Celecial City. Begin with Nnamukristaayo from the day she was invited to go to the King, read about her journey........
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